What is Tel-A-Story?

Children listen to a three-minute story on the phone

Children across Canada can call 1-877-456-0456 and hear a new story every day. Stories generously provided by CBH Ministries (Grand Rapids, Michigan) provide boys and girls the opportunity to think like Jesus in every day situations.

Children listen to a three-minute story and if they have any questions they can press zero and speak to a trained, screened counselor. Children ask questions about the story, usually about the reality of God and does He really love them and care for them. Children have so many questions, they want to talk and ask for prayer. We are meeting a need and providing discipleship material to encourage children to have a Biblical worldview.

The calls are toll-free and are generously supported by churches and individuals who believe that we are making a difference by meeting the spiritual needs of the children. If you would like to donate to Tel-A-Story, contact your local Canadian CEF office or donate online at Canada Helps.

In the meantime share the phone number with a child.