Growing Roots in Faith: Nurturing Your Child’s Relationship with Christ
June 30, 2024

One of our deepest desires as Christian parents is for our children to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. Now let me ask what have you found to be helpful in this journey with your kids? Let me know send me a DM or an email.

I trust the following keys will be helpful as you guide and sustain your children or grandchildren throughout their lives. All the while providing them with the strength, wisdom, and grace to navigate the complexities of this world. As parents we have a profound responsibility and privilege to cultivate this relationship with Christ, but how can we effectively nurture it?

“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'” – Matthew 19:14

As the summer is now upon us encouraging personal devotional time is a crucial step in fostering your child’s relationship with Christ.

Take time to find and provide your kids with appropriate devotionals and Bible study materials that engage their interest and understanding. Establishing a routine even on holidays where they spend quiet time even at a young age with God helps them develop a habit of turning to Scripture and prayer for guidance and comfort. This daily practice can anchor their faith, and ours by making it a natural part of their everyday lives.

Children seem to learn best by observing the actions of those they look up to especially when you demonstrate your relationship with Christ in a way that is visible and relatable to them. Let me ask how are you with sharing your experiences, and struggles, and how God has guided your life. Let them see you pray, read the Bible, and live out your faith in both big and small moments.

Your authentic example can inspire them to seek a similar connection with Jesus, knowing that it is a source of strength and joy in your life.

Teaching your children to pray regularly, and fostering an open line of communication with God will serve them well. Encourage them to pray, and speak to God about their worries, joys, and everything in between. Create opportunities for family prayers, and yes spontaneous conversations with God. This practice builds their faith and helps them feel supported and connected to God’s presence in their lives.

Now this might challenge you to be intentional but when we connect the word to everyday life situations life can explode all for the good.

When you share Bible stories with your kids it is a wonderful way to highlight Jesus’ love, guidance, and practicality of the word for life. Take time to choose stories that resonate with your children’s experiences and yes challenges. Remember I said to be intentional you have to relate these stories to their daily lives, showing them that the lessons from the Bible are relevant and applicable today. This helps them see the Bible as a living, breathing guidebook rather than just ancient texts. Let the journey begin.

By nurturing their relationship with Christ, we lay a strong foundation for a lifetime of faith and discipleship. Our role as parents is not just to teach them about God but to help them experience His love and presence in a personal and profound way. Through daily devotions, leading by example, encouraging prayer, and sharing Bible stories, we can guide and help our children toward a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Remember, the seeds of faith we plant today will grow with strong roots that will support our children throughout their lives. Trust in God’s plan and continue to seek His wisdom and guidance as you nurture your child’s spiritual journey. Together, we can help our children grow in their faith, anchored in the love and grace of Christ.

In the words of Matthew 19:14, let us not hinder our children but lead them to the One who holds the kingdom of heaven. May your efforts in fostering their personal relationship with Christ bear fruit that lasts for eternity.



CEF Canada

National Growth Director