Journeying with God in Every Season
January 30, 2024

As we step into another year, it’s natural to reflect on our aspirations, setting goals, and seeking direction. As a faith filled believer, this is not just an exercise in personal or professional development but a deeper call to align our lives more closely with God’s will. The journey ahead may not be certain, but embarking on it with a faith-filled heart can transform not just the year but our entire lives. I have been thinking and have been reminded that as we navigate this year let us do so with faith as your compass. Now with that being said there is nothing new under the sun but here are some reminders that will get us to the next level.

As you know our prayer time is the lifeline of our Christian faith. It’s our direct line of communication with God, a way to express our deepest fears, greatest joys, and everything in between. More than just a routine or ritual, prayer is the foundation upon which a faith-filled year is built.

God doesn’t require eloquence or formality in our prayers; He seeks the honesty and openness of our hearts. King David’s psalms are profound examples of this authentic dialogue with God. Whether in anguish, joy, or gratitude, David’s prayers wrap his human emotion before God. Let your prayers this year be genuine, bringing your true self before God.

In the everyday hustle and bustle of our daily life, carving out time for prayer can seem challenging. Yet, like any relationship, our relationship with God thrives on spent time together. Set aside a specific time each day for prayer, whether in the morning to set the tone for your day or in the evening as a reflection. Remember, it’s not the length but the consistency and quality of your prayer time that deepen your relationship with God.

I was looking recently at some of my Bibles and this particular one was given to me when I was 16 I have and reminded that the Bible is not just a book on my bookshelf; it’s the living word of God. It has the power to guide, correct, inspire, and transform us. To have a faith-filled year, immersing yourself in Scripture is indispensable.

Let me encourage you to make reading your Bible a daily habit. Devotional plans can help by providing structure and context, making the Bible more accessible and engaging. As you read, ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart and mind to understand and apply God’s Word in your life.

Meditating on scripture allows God’s Word to drill deep in our lives in our thoughts and attitudes. Try choosing a verse or passage each week to meditate on. Let it be the lens through which you view your circumstances, decisions, and interactions. Memorizing Scripture empowers you to recall God’s promises and truth in times of need, strengthening your faith.

Our faith is not meant to be a private affair; it’s a journey shared with others. Serving within your church and community while sharing your faith are powerful ways to live out the Gospel and see it transform not just your life but those around you.

Jesus shows us that service is also key as we walk in this world. Throughout His ministry, and his teachings we see that growth can be measured by our willingness to serve others (Mark 10:45). Take time to identify your gifts and seek opportunities to serve in your church, local community, or beyond can be very helpful. Service deepens our faith as you see God work through you to touch the lives of others.

Your faith journey is a testimony of God’s faithfulness. Sharing your experiences can encourage and uplift others facing similar struggles. Whether through conversations, social media, a text a call or other platforms, let your life reflect the hope and love of Christ to those around you.

Having a faith-filled year is not necessarily one absent of challenges, but it is one in which we are assured of God’s presence and guidance in every circumstance. By cultivating a consistent prayer life, immersing yourself in God’s Word, and serving and sharing your faith, you open your heart to the transformative power of a life lived in close communion with God.

Let this year be a testament to the strength, peace, and joy that come from journeying with God, no matter what the seasons bring keep moving forward in Jesus.

Be Blessed