Learn more about our team in Nicaragua  

Greetings from the entire CEF Nicaragua team.  

Yesenia has been serving at CEF Nicaragua since 1999. In July 1995 she received Christ as Lord and Savior. A year later she got to know CEF through an invitation that her pastor received to send the Sunday School teachers from his church to train. She was part of the volunteers in the Public Schools and part of the APEN board of directors. She joined CEF as a full-time missionary in May 2000. In April 2004 she was appointed as the director of CEF Nicaragua. She was also a Bible Club teacher from 1996 to 2016. 

Peter Tigchelaar received Christ as Lord and Savior at the age of 7. His mother led him to Christ. He played the piano in church at the age of 9. When he was 20 years old he made his first mission trip to Guatemala and served in a ministry called a Heart for Children. There he became interested in learning the Spanish language. When he returned to Canada he began to formally study the language. In the year 2001 he visited Nicaragua with Annette and Don Vickers who at that time directed the ministry of Presbyterian Aiding Nicaraguans. He served a few months in an orphanage and returned to Canada. A year later in 2002 he returned to Nicaragua and served with CEF Nicaragua. There he met Yesenia who was the coordinator of the Public Schools and Bible Clubs program. In July 2003 they were married and have served together at CEF Nicaragua. 

The ministry works at the national level. Peter is in charge of developing the southern zone of Nicaragua (Ometepe, Rivas). It is an island that has 10,000 inhabitants. 

In this month of June that we celebrate Children’s Day, we have had the opportunity to minister to 201 children in activities organized by churches. 26 children made their faith decision. We have also ministered with the Word of God to 540 children in 2 schools: Reverend Kenneth School and Amigos Berea School. 160 received Christ as Lord and Savior. We have two more activities with churches this weekend and on the 30th a training for school teachers in Granada who want to learn how to evangelize children. 

We are preparing for the Emmanuel Christmas Project training to start in August and the Children Evangelizing Children Project. In the month of July, if God allows us, we will have a visit from a church from the United States. We will be ministering to children in Public Schools and churches. 

Blessings in Christ,  

Peter & Yesenia Tigchelaar.