Raising Kids with a Side of Faith for Schoolyard Resilience
October 30, 2023

So, you’ve decided to raise your little ones with a strong Christian faith? Well, you’re in for a wild ride! I heard it said it’s a bit like juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle – challenging, occasionally hazardous, but surprisingly rewarding. Welcome to the circus, where faith meets the schoolyard!”

Picture this you’re trying to understand your child’s latest tantrum, and you think, “What would Jesus do?” Well, maybe not exactly, but relying on the Bible’s teachings with prayer and answers from above the Lord will be able to provide you with timeless wisdom and guidance. It’s like having the ultimate parenting manual right at your fingertips.

Here are a few key reminders that you might find helpful during these hectic days.

Starting your week off with church and Sunday School strengthening to encounter any Monday bullies.

Let me encourage you to be bringing your kids to Sunday school as it is like arming them with a shield of faith. But let’s face it, the real world – especially the schoolyard – can be a tough battleground. Arming your kids with love, kindness, and yes even a sense of humor will indeed make a difference. Along with Sunday school getting them involved in a CEF Good News Clubs at their school will as this will also add to empowering your children. 

Contact us or your local CEF office to find out where the clubs are or how to establish a club in your children’s school. If we can help them grow in their faith and dependence in the Lord and even have a smile and a sense of humour along the way, they can conquer the jungle gyms of life they will encounter!

Letting prayer be the ultimate homework helper might be a new idea for some but let’s encourage our kids to pray.

It’s not just about asking God for help in math class (although that might come in handy too). Prayer instills a sense of peace and resilience. Prayer is like Wi-Fi. It’s invisible, but it connects you to what and who you need.

Due to the business of life sitting down for a family meal during these hectic after school schedules might sound as outdated as dial-up internet, but it’s essential. It’s where you can share stories, values, and of course, Dad’s terrible jokes. With that said have you heard my latest Dad joke? Ok maybe I will leave that for another time. But family dinners do strengthen the family bond and provides a safe space for your kids to discuss their school experiences and for you to share from your day. Think of it like dinner time is like a comedy club the food’s the warm-up act, and the kids’ stories steal the show!”

In the schoolyard, kids can be meaner than a raccoon in a garbage can. We need to teach our children the importance of forgiveness and humility along the way. Although at times forgiving can be hard it’s like trying to do math after a 20-year hiatus but it’s necessary for your sanity! Coming alongside your children during challenging times for support and guidance is key but know this that it may not even be the words your speak but your connection in the silence can also speak loud.

Let me close with this obvious reminder that leading by example is important for your children who can learn more from what you do than what you might say.

So, if you want them to stand strong in their faith, show them how it’s done. This is always a great time to be intentional, purposeful and if I may say focused on growing faith filled children. Let your actions speak louder than your words. Our kids are like tiny sponges. They soak up everything, including your embarrassing dance moves but also your reverence for your heavenly father!

Raising kids with a strong Christian faith for the playground and life is like preparing them for a marathon, complete with hurdles, sprints, and unexpected detours. With the right blend of faith, love and yes even humour, your kids will not just survive the schoolyard; they’ll conquer it. Armed with the resilience of their faith and a little laughter that makes every challenge a little more manageable.

So, here’s to raising faithful, resilient, joy-filled and faith filled kids!